Monday, February 3, 2014

Vitamins for preventing hair loss

Vitamins A, B and E are essential for the growth of hair. Other vitamins are also equally
essential for best health in an individual. Supplements of variety kind are available in
the market to get these vitamins in adequate quantities quite regularly.

Vitamin A

Growth and maintenance of skin and hair is facilitated with the help of vitamin A
retinoic acid synthesis in the follicles of hair is regulated by the vitamin A. You can apply
the supplement pastes to the shaft of the hair to enrich natural hair growth. You can
take supplements internally too.

Vitamin B

Stress can lead to the hair loss at times. If you are not taking vitamin B in adequate
quantities then it will be hard to handle stress. Meat and eggs are rich in vitamin B. you
can get better melanin secretion while taking vitamin B supplements. Hair losses can be
prevented efficiently in that way.

Vitamin E

Blood flow is increased with a result of regular consumption of vitamin E supplements.
Capillaries that are present in the body are built better with the help of these vitamin
supplements. Add vitamin E to your regular diet to increase the blood circulation in the
body which can be of great help in many ways including the hair growth too.
Balanced diet Rich nutrition is essential for best hair growth. Drink plenty of water. Stay away from
junk food.


Drinking plenty of water on a daily basis is essential. Bodily fluids can keep the body
cool and hence, the dryness in the scalp will not occur that easily. During summer
season when the temperature is already hot, the body should be cooled with items like
cucumber, watermelon and so on. When you do that and do consume enough salts of the
relevant kind, it can help you stay fit all the while. Cells can combat against the action of
microbes. Yeast growth can be retarded in that way and hence, dandruff can be kept at

Work out

The only best ways to keep you hale and healthy on a long term basis is by staying
physically active on a regular basis. Apart from whatever type of diet that you choose to
follow on a daily basis, you should make sure that you do hit the gym on a regular basis.
If not, purchase some of the small gym equipment and do keep it as a regular practice to
do your work outs. Cycling, swimming, jogging, trekking and many more such hobbies
can be added on to the routine life style.

It is to make sure that your life style is not sedentary. Ailments are interrelated with
one another. When you are not physical active and catch up with a single dysfunction
in your body, then it can lead to the damage of the other organs of the body. Hair health
is no different in that way. It needs nourishment and replenishment consistently too.
It can happen effectively if and only if all the organs of the body are functioning well.
Maintaining great health is possible with proper diet and work outs combined together.

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