Friday, December 12, 2014

How Stress Causes Hair Loss

        Hair loss is triggered by different causes such as hormonal imbalances, hereditary factors, illness, nutritional deficiency, shock, and many more. However, stress related issues are interrelated and one of the excessive stress side effects causes hair loss. Too much stress weakens the hair follicles and the aftermath stops hair growth.

Stress Types

Emotional stress: This is mainly due to trauma, injury, illness and conflict.  Emotional stress is high when there is loss of a loved pet or person, relocation or loss of a job. Out of stress, some people develop nervous habits including excessive rubbing of the scalp and literally pulling the hair out.

Physical Stress:  This includes chronic illnesses such as Asthma or Diabetes. The physical stress may also include child birth, pregnancy, menopause and menstruation. Here, the hormone levels affect the hair follicles and overtime the hair becomes less visible. Likewise, when your body is healing some illness, the energy required for the hair growth is diverted towards the healing needs and so there is hair loss.

Spiritual Stress: This may be due to restriction to worship, negative events in the church or a crisis in faith. Even, life events such as a loved one’s death, all kinds of abuse can trigger questions of faith in God, regardless of the religion and cause hair loss.

Being excessively stressed, emotionally, physically or spiritually can very much cause witnessing hair loss of one of the two types that is caused by being stressed. The two types are:

Telogen Effluvium: This is the foremost type causing losing your hair due to stress. It may be severe and damage your appearance. Generally, this is commonly caused due to stress and it lies dormant resulting in hair falling out in large volumes in two to three months time. This hair loss will grow in six to nine months time.

Alpecia Areata: This is the second type induced by stress causing losing your hair. Here, the white blood cells cause your hair to fall out by attacking your hair follicles. So, your hair falls out in patches and even your body hair disappears.

Few Tips to ease stress levels and to solve hair loss problems

Doing regular exercises diminishes the adrenaline hormone level in your body. Doing physical workout regularly, your mind and body stays relaxed and you better sleep. This improves hair growth and releases stress.

Relax and take enough sleep. Sleep in a peaceful place, sit in good posture and strengthen your body by doing some deep breathing exercises. Include relaxation as a routine daily for 20 minutes. You will notice changes and is a best stress busting exercise.  However, the truth lies in good sleep as it is very important to ease stress.

Take good diet rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins in sufficient amounts. Eat dairy products, whole grain breads and poultry products. Include diet meat and fish, avoid added sugar and include whole fruits and leafy green vegetables.

Doing all the above mentioned will help you in reliving your stress and will solve your hair loss problems.

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