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Types of hair combs

Hair comb comes in many types. It helps in maintaining healthy hair than your shampoo or conditioner. The hair comb that you buy should serve two functions primarily: 1. It should detangle and separate individual hairs such that your brush reaches the scalp and the sebum is released helping in blood circulation stimulation and in removing dirt. 2. The comb must help in creating your desired style, cut and technique. Hence, selecting the right hair comb depends on few factors: your hair texture, detangling session, hair strands volume and your hair style. However, regardless of the hair types, having combs with teeth spacing is important and the additional factors worth considering are the comb material and quality. List of combs and the purpose they serve Extra wide tooth combs: The extra wide tooth combs are suitable for all types of hair. They have generous spacing and the overall diameter and size varies. This combination of the wide tooth combs helps to detangle dr

10 tips to stop hair loss

Preventing hair loss means sensible hair care. Preventing after losing a lot of hair is difficult. So, start early as it helps emotionally and financially. Preventing is simpler to treating.  Top 10 tips to stop hair loss 1)   Following healthy lifestyle:  Your skin, hair and nail indicate if you are healthy. Falling hair indicates health problems. So eat vegetables and fruits that are rich in iron, zinc, calcium and vitamin B. consume a protein-rich diet and drink plenty of water. 2)   Good hair care: Dirty hair falls quickly, so keeping your hair clean is essential. Use good hair products and quality shampoo. Concentrate on hair roots and scalp, while shampooing and apply hair lotion or conditioner on your hair ends as it dries faster and gets damaged soon. Likewise, regular trimming gives a better and good feel. 3) Avoid unhealthy hair-practices: Wearing styles such as it pulls your hair tight must be avoided. This is because the hair roots come out. Chemical t

Home Remedy for Dry Hair

Hair becomes dry, lack luster appearance and looks brittle when hair shafts fail to retain or absorb moisture. Using harsh hair products, frequent use of hair dye or heated styling tools, excessive hair washing and chlorinated water exposure.  There are home remedies to resolve dry hair and to restore its shine and health. Some top home remedies for dry hair 1.Olive Oil: This is rich with vitamin E and its antioxidant helps in healing by sealing your hair cuticle with moisture. Using warm olive oil helps in restoring moisture, shine and in strengthening hair. Put enough oil in a bowl and slightly warm it. Massage your scalp using this oil for 10 minutes and wrap a warm towel. Leave it for 30 minutes and shampoo your hair. Repeat this once a week. In fact, you may use corn oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, almond or coconut oil. 2. Eggs:  Eggs are a good source of lecithin and protein. It helps in strengthening, restoring texture and in repairing and strengthening lifeless hair. Whi

How to do hair straightening at home

The trend of straightening your strands requires a lot of time. Likewise, the products used for hair straightening are in much demand. However, these artificial methods cause damage to your strands and health of your hair. Now, here is some hair straightening natural tips to make your hair look softer, smoother and straighter. Straight hair is popular for its visual appeal and these effective tips are great home remedies to natural hair straightening. 1. Coconut oil and lemon juice: This two make a great combo. There is hair straightening properties in coconut milk and with lemon juice, better results are assured.  Mix both, refrigerate for few hours, apply the creamy layer produced and wrap your hair using a hot towel. Keep it for an hour and wash it using a mild shampoo. 2. Hot Oil: Heat oil and apply to your hair. Keep it for 30 minutes wrapped in a towel and wash it. It will give the required sleekness and ensure healthy glow to your hair. Do it once a week. 3. Milk and Honey

How Stress Causes Hair Loss

        Hair loss is triggered by different causes such as hormonal imbalances, hereditary factors, illness, nutritional deficiency, shock, and many more. However, stress related issues are interrelated and one of the excessive stress side effects causes hair loss. Too much stress weakens the hair follicles and the aftermath stops hair growth. Stress Types Emotional stress: This is mainly due to trauma, injury, illness and conflict.  Emotional stress is high when there is loss of a loved pet or person, relocation or loss of a job. Out of stress, some people develop nervous habits including excessive rubbing of the scalp and literally pulling the hair out. Physical Stress:  This includes chronic illnesses such as Asthma or Diabetes. The physical stress may also include child birth, pregnancy, menopause and menstruation. Here, the hormone levels affect the hair follicles and overtime the hair becomes less visible. Likewise, when your body is healing some illness, the energy requ

Dandruff and hair loss problem in banglore solved

 Last 6 months because of dandruff and itchy scalp problem,I lost most of my  hair. I used many anti-dandruff shampoo available in super markets  to control my hair fall ,nothing works well. Even  natural products also not given any improvement after the use of a month. After several failure attempts i found a shampoo which removes my dandruff completely. I talked about my problem to one of my friend who is dermatologist in banglore ,karnatka . He suggested to use a shampoo which contains ketoconazole 2% to stop dandruff and itchy scalp.He also suggested  Tarry Shine shampoo for this. On next day I went to chennai for a business trip. Morning I went to a medical shop  and bought  Tarry Shine shampoo. My friend told don't use ketoconazole 2% regularly  (basically I won't use chemical products regularly for my hair) . So I started using this shampoo on alternative days. After 10 days all my dandruff and itchy scalp problem is cured. I used only one bottle of this shampoo