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7 Days Vegan Diet Plan for Healthy Hair

  They say the road to thicker, stronger, and healthier hair starts from within. It makes sense, right? Whatever we eat to nourish our bodies also nourish our hair. Why not feed hair with healthy and nourishing foods that will make it truly shine as our crowning glory?

5 Essential Oils for Healthier and Stronger Hair

  Everyone wants locks that are healthy, strong, and shiny. Men and women alike seek ways to infuse new life into their otherwise dull, brittle, and damaged hair. Some people suffering from hair fall and hair loss also look for ways to bring back their beautiful crowning glory. People often flock to conventional hair care products or hair growth treatments to nurse their locks back to life. However, others find the chemical-laden products too harsh on their head and scalp. This fact prompts them to turn to alternative natural remedies for hair loss. And what better way to naturally obtain strong and healthy tresses than by using essential oils? In this post, we’ll take a look at the best natural essential oils you can use for healthier and stronger hair. You’ll also find an overview of essential oils and some tips to safely use them on your head, scalp, and hair. What Are Essential Oils?

Best Ayurvedic Treatments for Hair Loss and Regrowth

Chunks of hair falling out of your head? That’s understandably a cause for panic. Thinning hair, hair fall, and hair loss are all worrisome and anxiety-inducing. And as you get more stressed about it, more hair falls off from your head – not helpful for your situation at all.

Understanding Hair Loss Through the Hair Cycle

Hair Thinning Causes and Remedies for Women

Transitioning From Chemical to Natural Hair Care Products

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I myself have been suffering from a mild case of hair loss. At first, hair loss didn’t bother me at all. So what if I find a few clumps of hair on the tiles after I showered? Looking back, I don’t know why I remained unfazed despite knowing this. When I fell pregnant a year ago, my hair fall problems halted. But three months after I gave birth, I noticed accelerated shedding of my hair once again. Handfuls of hair kept on falling as I showered. Another handful will fall out after I’ve combed my hair. And all throughout the day, my mom kept pointing out all those fallen hairs she saw on the floor near my bed.  A quick Google search revealed I was now suffering from postpartum hair loss . That’s when I suddenly took action. The hair loss freaked me out so much that I decided to ask friends for some advice. Someone suggested I switch to natural hair care. I said “sure, why not?” and grabbed a few bottles of natural shampoo, c

All the Facts About Seborrheic Dermatitis Hair Loss

Listen up: Have you ever experienced a case of seborrheic dermatitis and significant hair loss at the same time? If yes, perhaps you’re naturally wondering if these two conditions are linked to each other. Here’s a quick answer: Seborrheic dermatitis is indeed linked to hair loss. The way you manage your symptoms can greatly impact the severity of your seborrheic hair loss. Our post for today will clue you in on seborrheic dermatitis in general, how it relates to hair loss, if seborrheic dermatitis hair loss is permanent or not, and ways to manage the two conditions jointly. What Exactly is Seborrheic Dermatitis? Seborrheic dermatitis is a skin condition characterized by scaly patches, redness on the skin, and itchiness. It commonly develops on the scalp, but can also be found on oily body areas such as the upper chest, back, and face. Dandruff is considered a mild case of seborrheic dermatitis. This skin condition doesn’t have an exact cause, but many physi

Three Top Nutrient Imbalances that Cause Hair Loss

  Have you ever felt you’re lacking or hoarding on some nutrients in your daily diet? It’s quite impossible to get all the nutrition you need when you’re living a busy lifestyle, with little to no time for proper meal planning. And it’s also possible to get much of one nutrient, especially if you’re fond of eating foods loaded with it. But your bustling life shouldn’t be an excuse to forget all about your nutrition needs. Your body needs proper nourishment not just to keep it generally healthy, but also to keep hair loss at bay. Indeed, certain nutrient deficiencies and excesses may cause hair loss problems in both males and females. This may take place regardless of age or race. Our post for today will highlight three common nutrient imbalances that lead to excessive hair shedding and hair loss. We give you some tips on how to overcome them as well. Get ready to assess the foods you frequently include in your daily fare. They just might be lacking or having too muc