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What Ginger Can Do for Your Hair Fall

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a wonderful rhizome that’s got several medicinal benefits for the entire body. No wonder it’s among the best superfoods in Indian Ayurveda ! But have you ever thought of using it as a hair fall remedy? After all, lots of anecdotal claims point to ginger as a promising remedy for hair fall. Today, we’ll look into what benefits your hair can get from ginger, and how ginger works when used on hair fall-prone tresses. We’ll also give you ginger hair regrowth recipes that you can absolutely try at home!. Ginger’s Benefits to Thinning Hair

Choosing the Right Hair Fall Shampoo For Your Tresses

Stress-Busting Tips to Keep Hair Fall at Bay

Are you stressed out? Nowadays, many of us easily fall victim to stress. It could be due to a plethora of things, including school, work, family, relationships, and personal circumstances. Sadly, stress could both be a possible cause and a consequence of thinning hair and hair loss. There are specific types of hair loss related to stress (not all hair loss conditions are due to stress!). And if you’ve got any kind of hair loss or even just thinning hair, it could also be equally stressful.