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What is Keratin Treatment?

What is Keratin? Keratin is a protein that is present naturally in hair. This is the reason that our hair looks shiny and straight. The keratin content, over the years gets reduced with the changes in your lifestyle and diet. This is the reason that your hair looks dry and frizzy. Keratin is one of the natural proteins present in our hair. It is also in our nails and teeth. It helps to keep your hair shiny and straight. With the decrease of the protein content in your body, the keratin levels decrease, affecting your hair. Consequently, your hair loses it shine and becomes dry, tangled and frizzy. What is keratin Treatment? Keratin treatment is the latest hair straightening treatments. Keratin treatment includes artificially adding the keratin to the hair so that your hair looks frizz free, shiny and smooth. Hence, it is popular among men and women. The keratin treatment is helpful as it improves the texture of hair and also boosts the shine. You can keep away from blow drye

Why should you stop shampooing your hair?

It is tempting to choose shampoos depending on flashy advertising promises. But taking a look at the ingredients of shampoo will provide you a better idea of that you need. There are various chemicals and other ingredients causing harm to your hair, and it may threaten your overall health. Here are some of the harmful ingredients in the shampoo and it side-effects. Harmful Ingredients in Shampoo and its side effects Harmful Carcinogens: DEA compounds and DEA are used to make shampoos and cleaners. Especially the lauramide and Cocamide DEA are found in shampoos. Even minimal use of these DEA products may lead to skin and mild eye irritation. However, the recent study shows that prolonged exposure causes serious problems such as cancer. The DEA compounds with nitrites react forming anti-corrosive agents and is potentially dangerous. In fact, another occasional shampoo ingredient, formaldehyde can also irritate your eyes, skin and respiratory system as it is also a carcinogen.

How to change to "no poo"

The ‘No Shampoo’ method is known as ‘No Poo’.  Initially, breaking the cycle may be difficult, but the ‘no poo’ method has claimed bouncier, fuller and softer hair with dandruff-free scalp. Going ‘no poo’ is beneficial as you use simple natural ingredients that are gentle on hair and your scalp initiates to regenerate natural oils. How to Go No Poo To go ‘No Poo’ refers to stop using shampoo.  By not using shampoo you save money. The chemicals dry your hair and scalp and are dangerous to your health. Using daily shampoo upsets the natural balance and helps in producing more oil to ensure your hair is healthy and in good condition. The ‘no poo’ method of washing implies washing using baking soda or herbal hair wash powder that helps in removing the oil, dirt and debris from your scalp and roots. The baking soda is not any detergent so does not strip away the natural oils and so your hair becomes healthier. In fact, your scalp produces oil in balance and so needs fewer washing of

What is alopecia areata?

Alopecia areata is a hair loss condition, a disorder in a specific area of the body.  This condition causes continuous hair loss and makes a person bald. The hair loss is seen in patches on the scalp and it spreads to entire body, if not treated promptly, causing total hair loss. Alopecia areata needs quick treatment to stop hair loss. Nevertheless, it is not a life-threatening condition. Causes Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder, acting against your body.  In this condition, your hair follicles weaken and uproot the hair. The autoimmune conditions may also include thyroids, allergies, ulcerative colitis and arthritis, besides being hereditary and genetic. Common Symptoms  Bald patches on the scalp are the initial signs of alopecia areata and slowly it is visible on other parts of the body. The common symptom is hair loss, where some have complete baldness.  However, treatment measures may cause itching, when there is stimulation of hair re-growth. Diet Foods hi

Top 10 healthy and natural biotin rich foods

Biotin represents a water soluble B vitamin ideal for your body.Biotin will give strength for your hair and nail. It assists your body in processing sugars and fat, besides processing the fat production. Biotin is involved with building blocks creation at a cellular level and is essential to have enough supply of this nutrition. Biotin is essential for pregnant women and expecting mothers must have adequate biotin supply in her diet, to avoid negative effects. The recommended biotin dosage for everyone is 30 micro grams a day. Top Natural and Healthy Biotin Rich Foods Carrots: Carrots are of immense use as it helps with eye general health. Carrots are abundant with biotin and beta-carotene. Fruits and Berries: Berries including raspberries and strawberries offer significant amounts of biotin. The advantage of these fruits is that they offer antioxidants and can be bought organic or local. Walnuts, Almonds and Other Nuts: You can get biotin through various nuts are th