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Managing Hair Loss on a Ketogenic Diet

Ever noticed more hair falling down the sink after you’ve gone keto? You’re not alone. Several people transitioning from a typical diet to a ketogenic one find themselves getting hair loss for a few months. They may also notice changes in the general condition of their hair’s health. Fortunately, this is a temporary condition that’ll generally resolve once the body already knows how to adapt to the keto diet. Though temporary, this kind of hair loss can still be bothersome and anxiety-inducing, especially for those who haven’t had hair loss issues before. In today’s post, let’s look at why the ketogenic diet can cause hair loss. We’ll also explore ways on how to enjoy this diet while keeping your tresses thick and healthy. What Causes Keto Hair Loss?

10 Easy Homemade Hair Oil Concoctions for Lively and Healthy Tresses

Oils and hair care – these two are almost as inseparable as bread and butter. Oils have long been used in several hair care routines across the world to promote healthier and livelier locks. Lots of people apply oils on their hair regardless if they are already blessed with a head full of thick tresses or not. You might have even experienced your grandma or mom massage your head with some oils when you were little. Well, start them young, as they say! The golden mantra of many elders when it comes to hair care is “Oil your hair properly and regularly”. Well, your folks may have been doing it to you due to tradition or to give you a headstart on proper hair care and grooming, but the long-term effects of hair oiling could undeniably be great for you.

Everything You Need to Know About Finasteride for Hair Loss in Men

Are you a gentleman searching for an effective treatment for your hair loss? Have you sought lots of hair loss remedies only to find that they’re not working for your hair? Well, here’s a medication that might just be the answer to your woes – Finasteride.

All You Need to Know About Hair Loss and Mental Health

Have you ever emerged from the shower with clumps of hair stuck on your bathroom tiles? Or have you combed your fingers through your hair and discovered some hair strands clinging to your palms, like your hand was a hair magnet or something? And then you felt your heart sink. You worry that more hair strands will fall. You worry about how friends and family will treat you once they noticed your thinning hair. You begin to think you’re not a whole person anymore.

Debunking 7 Common Hair Loss Myths

  There are plenty of misconceptions circulating everywhere about hair loss and hair fall. Old wives’ tales and myths abound on who, why, when, and what causes excessive hair shedding, hair loss, and baldness. And both men and women fall victim to these various myths. Our post for today will highlight 7 of the commonly believed-in hair fall misconceptions. We’ll get right through the facts that will ultimately debunk these myths. 1. All males go bald upon entering 50 years old.

Micellar Shampoos and Conditioners - Are They Good for Hair Fall?

Micellar water use has been one of the most recent skincare trends to have hit us in recent years. Micellar technology already sashayed its way through hair care as well. Many people rave about this product, claiming that micellar shampoos and conditioners have that amazing ability to deeply cleanse hair and remove gunk without drying it out. We decided to take a look at what micellar hair products are and how it can affect tresses that are prone to hair fall. Brace yourselves for our discoveries and see what micellar shampoos and conditioners are all about!

3 Floral Essential Oils Your Hair Will Surely Love

Essential oils are well-known for their heavenly fragrances and health benefits. Floral essential oils take the cake for being the most lovely-smelling botanical oils, but did you know that these sweet-smelling flower oils can be great for your hair too? We’ve previously covered five of the best essential oils for hair health (and it includes two flower oils: lavender and rosemary!). Now, we’ll discover other flower-based essential oils that do wonders for your hair and smell irresistibly amazing as well! Safety Note: Always be alert for possible allergic reactions and do a skin patch test before trying out a new essential oil. Dilute potent essential oils in carrier oils, and avoid essential oil use if you are pregnant, lactating, or suffering from certain diseases. Be in touch with your registered aromatherapist to clear out any safety issues you might have in mind. 1. Chamomile Oil Chamomile has a long-standing reputation for creating a calming se

Five Hair Care Tips from Around the World

You’ve all known the drills about proper hair care: Shampoo moderately, towel-dry hair, limit the use of heated hair tools, let hair loose once in a while. And so on and so forth. But have you ever thought of quirkier ways in which people across the world care for their hair? Let’s take a quick trip around the world to see diversified hair care routines! Who knows, you might just take one or two tried-and-tested international suggestions to ramp up your own hair care routine!  

7 Days Vegetarian Diet Plan for Healthy and Strong Locks

Healthy diets are needed to produce healthy and strong locks from within. Whatever you eat will reflect on your entire body’s general health, including your hair. In our previous post, we’ve presented you with a one-week vegan meal plan that’s laden with nutrition for your hair. Now, we continue with our meal plan series with this 7-day diet plan designed for vegetarians.