Friday, January 17, 2014

Causes for hair loss

Reason for hair loss

        Hair fall is usual in anyone and it is not a matter to worry at all. Hair will regrow again in a shortest span of time and this process is cyclic. Do not get scared to see a lot of strands of hair that you lose on a daily basis while combing your lengthier hair. This can be seen in men to a certain extent too.

        Still, hair loss on a serious note is something to be bothered with a great deal of attention in essential. It can be a potential symptom for any other medical ailment in the human body too. Hence, consult the physician immediately in case of noting any acute hair loss issues. Right diagnosis has to be made in time to find the remedies.

Telogen effluvium

        It is one acute disease that happens to affect a woman just after the delivery or pregnancy or after a major surgery. It is because of the enormous amount of stress that has affected the individual and also the loss of weight and strength in the immune system.                                                                                       
        This can result in hair loss too. Such a situation is called as Telogen effluvium.
You can even see your hand full of hair at times. You can shed 50 strands of hair on a daily basis too, that is not uncommon. It can happen just within 6 to 10 weeks just after the occurrence of the stressful event.

         Reducing your levels of anxiety by diverting your mental focus and attention can automatically be a best cure rather than any other form of serious
drug dosages.

Hair loss by Genetics - androgenetic alopecia

       The composition of genes in the human body is quite unique from one individual to the other. If there is already an aberration in the genetic combination, then it is not possible to erase, alter, correct or rectify the structure of the DNA or RNA. It is a natural occurrence and there is hardly any cure for that. The descendants might or not be affected depending upon the dominant and suppressive genes that are active or inactive or suppressed respectively.


        It is one hormone that is responsible for many functions in the body. Right from the metabolic rate to the heart rate everything is governed by the thyroid hormone secretion levels in the human body. If the balance in the secretion fails then it can cause adverse effects in the affected individual. One of the serious issues faced will be the metabolic disorder and associated heart ailments too. Hair loss can occur due this ailment also. In which case, you are supposed to cure the thyroid problem first to work on the hair growth further.

        Apart from the above three important reasons iron deficiency can actually cause hair loss. The skin condition in the scalp when becoming adverse because of infections can lead to hair loss. The best diagnosis has to be done in the first place and ascertained, so that effective treatment can be sought after readily.


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