Friday, February 14, 2014

Major Causes of Hair Loss in women

Hair loss can be sudden in women too. It can be really shocking and worrying to experience a sudden hair loss. There are plenty of factors that can potentially cause hair loss in women. Some of the major reasons are listed below.

Iron deficiency

When women have heavy menstruation cycles then they tend to lose lot of iron strength in the body and become anaemic at times. It is essential to eat food items that are iron rich during such situations to avoid iron deficiency. RBCs in the body will be diminishing over a period of time causing to lose hair too. Without the red blood corpuscles in the blood there is no life. It is essential for oxygen exchange to take place in the human system. Energy is produced just as a result of this exchange. When you are deprived of energy by any marginal amount it leads to losses in very many ways. Hair loss can be one of that too. Doctor’s guidance is essential for ready cure.


          Thyroid diseases are quite common these days as you can come across so many of the inflicted individuals on a daily basis out there. When the body loses the capacity to secrete the thyroid hormone in adequate quantities then it can lead to hypothyroidism. It is the hormone that is actually responsible for the regulation of metabolism as well as the heart rate too. When you are deprived of it, naturally you can guess the results then. It can severely affect the hair growth too. When you suffer from such ailments, it is a must that you should be under medical care and attention on a regular basis all until getting rid of the disease. Once you recover, hair growth can be regained back again.


Immune system should be stronger enough to combat against the microbes that are attacking the body on a continuous basis. It is how the body keeps ailments at bay on its own. Imagine a situation when this immune system which is supposed to protect the body will itself start to affect the healthy organs of the body. Such a miserable or pathetic condition can be worst and it is nothing but lupus. During that pregnancy period in women they are susceptible to catch up with such diseases. Extreme fatigue is caused because of this. Oral ulcers can arise all of a sudden too. Headaches could be killing the individual bad. Swollen joints can be painful. Because of lupus, hair loss could be severe. Immediate
attention from the right medical experts can save the health of the person affected.

                    Ovary related infections that arise in women can lead to potential loss of iron strength. Hair loss can be triggered as a result. Immune system is severely affected when people do suffer from diseases such as diabetes and can lead to hair loss too. It is not possible to recover easily from such serious types of problems as there is not any cure completely for diabetes even as of today.

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