Saturday, September 6, 2014

Cause of itchy scalp

When you see those embarrassing flakes from your scalp, you are sure to feel bad and so are your closest friends too. It is quite natural for them to shy away from your proximity as they might fear that they can catch up with your infection too. What causes your scalp to be ruined to such condition of itching bad? Flakes falling down while scratching are one nasty experience for anyone to avoid. There are some primary reasons associated towards experiencing such a situation. 


The most common reason for such a situation is obviously the dandruff. It is nothing but the overgrowth of yeast in that particular area of the body. Yeast usually lives in many parts of the body where there is hair growth. When there are changes that take place in the human biochemical activities sometimes, the yeast growth tend to be more. It is during such excessive population the yeast in excess will start to feed on the dead cells available in the particular surface of the skin. Oil that is secreted from the glands is also one more food for the yeast. It is this excessive growth of yeast in certain areas that causes the itching sensation. When you treat the hair repeatedly with so many chemicals and bleaches, the condition of the scalp underneath will tend to lose its natural fertility. Hence, the yeast growth enhances by far. 


When you are using a blow dryer on a daily basis to dry your hair after showering you might tend to catch up with such issues in a certain period of time. Dryness in the scalp will lead to enhanced growth of yeast. Dryer is acted upon nothing but the most fragile state of the hair when it is in the wet condition. This can spoil the health of the hair as a whole. Excessive heat that is produced from the dryer actually gets the scalp to be dried out and results in irritation in the affected individual.  


One of the major reasons for anyone to catch up with the itchy scalp issue is due to the allergies. Hair a spray that uses the chemicals, preservatives and dyes of the inorganic kind in excessive quantitates might lead to dryness in the scalp and hence causes the itching sensation and develop allergies, inflammation and so on. Ingredients that are used in these chemicals are of such a kind that they can get tightened along with the portion of the skin after getting dried. It is why you can see the scalp to deteriorate in its health over a period of time while using such hair sprays, gels and so on. Going organic is the ideal approach to keep all these problems at bay. You do not have to worry about any side effects when you resort to something that is completely natural and organic. Moreover, make sure that you are not scratching too much when it itches. Rather, try to moisturize the area so as to get relief. 

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