Monday, November 24, 2014

Best Fruits for preventing hair loss

  Hair loss for women and men alike is a nightmare. Noticing few hair strands on brushing your luscious, long hair means it is the starting of sleepless nights. Everyone is aware of the importance of vegetables and fruits, but how many of you are aware of its quality to prevent hair loss on eating and on applying is less known, so know it here right now.

Fruits Saving your Crowning Glory on Eating

Strawberries:  This fruit is loaded with silica that prevents hair growth and baldness. Strawberries are seasonal fruits and eating between the months, December to March is recommended.  Make it a point to purchase from the supermarket or the local farmers market. Avoid buying it at traffic signals, because its quality is questionable.

Apples:  Apples are great to prevent hair loss. Apples are full of vitamins, antioxidants, phenolic compound in the skin of the apple and soluble fiber. It virtually serenades your hair on eating regularly and also your overall health is benefited in many ways. However, while buying apples, avoid too shiny apples as it is excessively waxed. Also remember to wash apples well and buy it from reputed supermarkets.  Do not avoid eating apples, even if it fails to keep the doctor away. This is because this fruit does wonders and there will be improvement in your hair health.

Grapes: grapes are equally effective as it helps in cleaning your system and is full of natural sugars, vitamins and antioxidants that prevents hair fall. The best advantage is that it has high water content to promote your crowning glory. 

Bananas: This fruit is loaded with potassium and is filled with fiber, magnesium, vitamin B, pectin and many more goodies that it promotes your overall health. It also ensures preventing hair loss.

Oranges: Oranges are full of vitamin C, beta-carotene, flavonoids, antioxidants, fiber, magnesium, essential minerals and vitamins to directly prevent hair loss. 

Fruits for Applying to prevent hair loss

Bananas: These are the cheapest fruits to treat hair problems. Apply mashed banana to your hair as a pack. It will treat scalp irritation and considerably reduce hair fall, thereby giving your hair a lustrous look and feel.

Guava: Rich in vitamin A, Guava also promotes hair growth by increasing the mucous membranes functioning. Guava attacks dandruff, if any and applying a mash of guava by adding lemon and honey generously on your scalp does wonders in preventing hair loss.

Strawberries and Peaches: Silica loaded strawberries prevents balding and promotes hair growth. These fruits benefit on eating and can be applied to the hair as a hair mask. Peaches help in cleansing your scalp and also in reducing hair fall.

Berries and Cherries: These fruits are great to eat and its bio-flavonoid helps reducing hair fall. Applying these fruits mash increases blood circulation and keeps your mane shiny and thick.

Grapes: Grapes too are equally effective so apply grape seed hair packs, besides consuming them to clean out impurities from your system that also assists in promoting growth of hair.

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