Thursday, November 13, 2014

Top Foods that prevents hair loss

Hair loss is a matter of concern and this is apparent when you cringe each time you see a mirror or hesitate visiting the barber shop. The hair loss may be due to various reasons such as change in climate or lifestyle, severe stress, hormonal imbalance, genetic, lack of hygiene, and so on. Here are some foods mentioned to prevent hair loss.

Foods for preventing hair loss

  •  Eggs, Fish and Beans: Protein rich diet is essential primarily for your hair health and growth. Your testosterone levels increase with high fat diets and do not help in preventing hair loss.  Add tofu and soy milk to your diet and stick to fish, brewer’s yeast, eggs, yogurt, chicken, beans, almonds, low-fat cheese and calf’s liver, leaner proteins. These are low in bad fats and high in protein.
  •  Raisins: The key role of iron in producing hemoglobin plays a vital role in preventing hair loss. Good blood flow means your scalp is rightly stimulated and it promotes hair growth. Adding iron to your diet means when you wish to eat something sweet and this is the time you eat raisins and cherry juice.
  • Bean Sprouts: Preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth means you have to add silica to your menu by taking bean sprouts. Your body requires silica to absorb minerals and vitamins and in case you fail to consume silica, having enough vitamins may not be really helpful. Silica is found in green and red peppers, cucumbers skin, bean sprouts and potatoes. Eating these foods raw ensures you get real nutritional value, as opposed to cooking.
  • Seafood:  People suffering from hair loss have zinc deficiencies. Zinc manages glands attached to hair follicles and has a main role in body functions ranging from hormonal balance to cell reproduction, thereby affecting hair growth functions. The follicles become weak, when the zinc is low in your body and this causes the strands to break.Combating this problem means eat foods such as shrimp, oysters, mussels, poultry, red meats and nuts. Zinc consumed in excessive amounts leads to hair loss and so taking a good zinc diet in foods is recommended than taking a zinc supplement.
  •  Potatoes: Eating greasy foods are the main hair loss causing culprits. Craving for finger fries and burger means craving for oily foods that is not good for hair health. Also avoid spicy, cold and sugary foods intake. Take baked potatoes as it is essential and good for hair growth.
  • A Balanced Diet: A balanced diet benefits your overall health and also contributes to good hair health. In case, you notice thinning of hair, start eating proper foods in balance of zinc, silica, iron and protein. Eating a balanced diet and drinking lots of water promotes hair growth.
  • Leafy vegetables in dark green colors, raisins, dates, eggs and whole-grain cereals are rich in iron. Likewise, the absorption of iron is improved with Vitamin C, so eat fruits such as lemons, oranges and strawberries to prevent hair loss.

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  1. Very helpful tips! I feel following a healthy diet for hair is extremely important and necessary. I would definitely incorporate these foods in my daily diet routine.