Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Top 10 causes of dandruff

      Dandruff is an embarrassing conditions experienced alike by men and women. Dandruff leads to
itchy scalp and the condition is chronic as the flakes keep falling on clothes. Dandruff reappears
frequently, if not properly treated. The only cause of dandruff does not depend on washing alone.
In fact, it ranges from uncleanliness to skin diseases.

Causes for Dandruff

There are several misconceptions and myths associated with dandruff and this includes, not using
shampoo, not washing hair daily or washing hair often, having spicy food, and many more. Here
are some of the actual reasons.

Uncleanliness: Accumulation of dust and dirt in the hair triggers dandruff and not
washing hair regularly causes increased oil production.

Nutritional Deficiency: Diet of a person is highly responsible for dandruff. Likewise,
drinking less quantity of water, consuming foods low in vitamins A, B and C, consuming
more salty and oily foods are associated to formation of dandruff.

Hair Care: Frequent blow drying of hair means exposing hair to heat and using products
containing harsh chemicals or unsuitable hair products such as shampoo for your hair
type are also possible causes for dandruff formation. Some hair products cause red,
scaling, itchy scalp and irritates the scalp causing dandruff.

Weather: Climatic conditions, such as extremely hot or cold and dry weather, frequent
sunlight and heat leads to dandruff and itchy scalp.

Skin Diseases:  The skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis make the skin tissues to
die sooner, thereby the skin becomes dry and flaky.

Hormonal Imbalance: The onset of puberty, stress, glands abnormal functioning, and
much more cause hormonal imbalance. This also leads to dandruff formation.

Improper Hair Brushing: People regularly brushing or combing hairs have least risk of dandruff
formation as they do not support skin shedding.

Dry Skin: People having dry skin are prone more often to get dandruff. Winter cold air or even
overheated rooms is a cause of flaking, itchy skin. Such dry skin people tend to have
small flakes of dandruff; but the flakes are not oily.

Illnesses: Some illnesses suffered by adults such as Parkinson’s disease or few other neurological
illnesses may cause dandruff. Likewise patients recovering from strokes and heart attacks
have weak immune systems and so have more dandruff than others.

Apart from the aforementioned, some more possible causes are Head lice, Oily skin/excess oil
production, Weakened immune system, Allergy, Sweating, Hypersensitivity, Yeast infection,
Use of unclean pillows or combs and lack of rest or sleep.

Most of these causes of dandruff can be treated effectively. The best way to begin with is to use
anti-dandruff shampoo for temporary relief from dandruff. Apart from these, home remedies
such as massaging with oil. Using tea tree oil and taking hair care treatment properly helps.
However, if the dandruff is due to psoriasis, consult doctors immediately.

Lastly, remember that proper methods of hygiene and cleanliness are mandatory to follow,
besides having a proper diet. You must avoid experiments with hair care products to a great

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