Thursday, December 25, 2014

10 tips to stop hair loss

Preventing hair loss means sensible hair care. Preventing after losing a lot of hair is difficult. So, start early as it helps emotionally and financially. Preventing is simpler to treating. 

Top 10 tips to stop hair loss

1) Following healthy lifestyle:  Your skin, hair and nail indicate if you are healthy. Falling hair indicates health problems. So eat vegetables and fruits that are rich in iron, zinc, calcium and vitamin B. consume a protein-rich diet and drink plenty of water.

2) Good hair care: Dirty hair falls quickly, so keeping your hair clean is essential. Use good hair products and quality shampoo. Concentrate on hair roots and scalp, while shampooing and apply hair lotion or conditioner on your hair ends as it dries faster and gets damaged soon. Likewise, regular trimming gives a better and good feel.

3) Avoid unhealthy hair-practices: Wearing styles such as it pulls your hair tight must be avoided. This is because the hair roots come out. Chemical treatments such as straightening, styling, hot ironing, perming and hot-oil treatments change the look of your hair. Even blow drying dries your scalp and thereby damages hair follicles. Using rough towel or combing when your hair is wet will put some hair strands out from the roots and breaks others. Plainly speaking, show true care to your hair by being gentle.

4) Avoid hair wigs: Wearing hair wigs should be avoided as your scalp is unable to breathe properly and thereby your follicles are suffocated. It irritates and rubs your scalp dry and damages your hair.

5) Say no to greasy foods: You must have a check on that you are eating. Especially, say no to greasy or oily foods. It causes oily scalp and weak looking hair due to hair loss. It is recommended to stop eating greasy foods.

6) Right Shampoo: Choose the right type of shampoo. This is essential for your hair health. Try matching the shampoo to your type of hair and get the best of your money spent. Do not bank of cheap quality shampoos. If you are unsure of your hair type and the shampoo required, consult you beauty professional or a doctor to suggest the right type of shampoo suitable to your hair.

7) Rinse thoroughly: Rinsing your hair thoroughly is a must. This is because your shampoo has soap and chemicals; these may damage your scalp and hair. So, it is a must to rinse thoroughly.

8) No Perms and colorants: Perming of hair damages the hair follicle and the scalp. Likewise, colorants that color your hair also damage your hair scalp and the follicle. So avoid it to the best.

9) Wash chlorine and sea salt: In case you visit a pool or a beach, wash all the chlorine or salt from your hair. Leaving it will damage your follicles to the extent that it turns blonde hair into greenish.

10) Avoid too much exposure to sun: Too much exposure of your scalp to sun may damage your scalp and the follicle fails to produce hair.

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