Friday, January 9, 2015

How to change to "no poo"

The ‘No Shampoo’ method is known as ‘No Poo’.  Initially, breaking the cycle may be difficult, but the ‘no poo’ method has claimed bouncier, fuller and softer hair with dandruff-free scalp. Going ‘no poo’ is beneficial as you use simple natural ingredients that are gentle on hair and your scalp initiates to regenerate natural oils.

How to Go No Poo

To go ‘No Poo’ refers to stop using shampoo.  By not using shampoo you save money. The chemicals dry your hair and scalp and are dangerous to your health. Using daily shampoo upsets the natural balance and helps in producing more oil to ensure your hair is healthy and in good condition.

The ‘no poo’ method of washing implies washing using baking soda or herbal hair wash powder that helps in removing the oil, dirt and debris from your scalp and roots. The baking soda is not any detergent so does not strip away the natural oils and so your hair becomes healthier. In fact, your scalp produces oil in balance and so needs fewer washing of hair.

Preparing ‘no poo’ alternative solution

Method 1:
Prepare a baking soda and water solution. Take baking soda 1 tbs and add to 1 cup of water. Ensure the baking soda is dissolved completely and it should feel slippery in your hands.

Prepare a solution of water and vinegar, taking vinegar 2 tbs and 1 cup water. Combine by shaking it and you may store it in a spray bottle.

Wet your hair in the shower, apply baking soda solution to your hair roots and massage in circular motion. Leave on it and while finishing your bath rinse well.

Spray the water vinegar solution to your hair length, do not miss the ends. There will be no odor on drying.

Method 2:
Prepare baking soda and store in a plastic container that has a tight fitting lid.

Wet hair well, pour the baking soda solution in your wet hands and make a paste of it.

Now apply it on your hair roots and massage well. It should have a slippery feel.

Wash your hair allowing the baking soda to be on your hair for some time.

Check the roots and rinse well while completing your bath and spray the vinegar water solution to your hair length.

Benefits of ‘no poo’

  1. Less oily hair
  2. Fine, strong hair that is also less frizzy
  3. Easier to style and enhances shine on blonde hair
  4. Few times of washing
  5. No chemicals on your scalp or hair
  6. Save lots of money as vinegar and baking soda are very cheap.
  7. Safe for dyed hair and also for grey hair.

The ‘no poo’ is not the same as washing with shampoo. There will be no lather and you may feel your hair appears like straw, hay or cotton initially. For first two weeks keep your hair under wraps or tied up and then your hair will shine.

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