Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Why should you stop shampooing your hair?

It is tempting to choose shampoos depending on flashy advertising promises. But taking a look at the ingredients of shampoo will provide you a better idea of that you need. There are various chemicals and other ingredients causing harm to your hair, and it may threaten your overall health. Here are some of the harmful ingredients in the shampoo and it side-effects.

Harmful Ingredients in Shampoo and its side effects

Harmful Carcinogens: DEA compounds and DEA are used to make shampoos and cleaners. Especially the lauramide and Cocamide DEA are found in shampoos. Even minimal use of these DEA products may lead to skin and mild eye irritation. However, the recent study shows that prolonged exposure causes serious problems such as cancer. The DEA compounds with nitrites react forming anti-corrosive agents and is potentially dangerous. In fact, another occasional shampoo ingredient, formaldehyde can also irritate your eyes, skin and respiratory system as it is also a carcinogen.

Color-Stripping:  Use gentle shampoos, if you are coloring your hair. This is because the harsh chemicals and sulfates in the anti-dandruff shampoos strip your hair color. The other two sulfates found commonly in shampoos include sodium laureth sulphate and lauryl sulphate. They foam and dissolve dirt, but stay alert as this is also found in paint stripper.

Moisture-Draining: Many shampoos have isopropyl alcohol, a chemical compound that is derived from petroleum. This chemical compound is found in shellac and wood finish. Generally, all the alcohol based ingredients strip, dry hair, making your hair lose all the moisture and natural oils, thereby leading to hair loss and breakage. The shampoos also have another damage triggering ingredient, propylene glycol. Above all, after continual use, the proteins in your hair are lost and your hair stops looking healthy, shiny and hydrated. It also leaves your eyes and skin irritated and puffy.

Frizz-Aggravating: If your hair is curly, you must avoid sulfates. Both, sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate leave your hair dry and frizzy. Though both are non-carcinogenic and are not dangerous to health, it makes your hair dull and dry. If you frequently straighten your hair, it will damage the ends and cause breakage.

Parabens: These are used in the shampoos and also in hair care products to prolong shelf life. Parabens such as methylparaben and propylparaben are well known for their toxic nature. They irritate the skin, make your scalp unhealthy and affect your hormonal balance, thereby causing hair loss.

Ingredients to Avoid in Your Shampoo 

  1. Synthetic color or fragrance
  2. Alcohol
  3. Mineral Oil
  4. Lanolin
  5. DEA
  6. Ammonium Lauryl sulfate
  7. Sodium lauryl and laureth sulfate
  8. Petroleum
  9. Sodium chloride
  10. Dimethicone
  11. Propylene glycol
  12. Parabens
  13. Polyetelyne glycol
  14. TEA, Triethanolamine

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