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Hair loss treatment for men

            Thinning hair is embarrassing and not every man wishes to shave complete hair and sport a bald look. A bald look is not wrong, but can always know if there are options to grow your hair back. Medications are available ensuring re-growth of your hair, but may include risk of side effects. Going for a natural treatment is much safer and affordable option. Baldness in men is partial or complete. The pattern of hair loss is not specific; some go bald in 15 to 20 years, while some in just 5 years.

Common Reasons 

Hair comprises of hair follicles under the skin's surface that the hair grows. They keep shedding and reappearing as a regular process. This hair growth, shedding, and new growth process continues throughout the life. The changes in male hormones, testosterone are one of the main causes. This is also associated with other medical conditions such as prostate enlargement, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. Even age and heredity problems are responsible to cause hair loss.

Treatment Options

Turning bald in most men is a normal aging process and has nothing to be really worried. However, if you consider baldness to be distressing, you may go for treatments. The treatments include:

Medication:  Two prominent medicines assisting in promoting hair growth and countering baldness is Propecia, its trade name and the other medicine is minoxidil, the trade name is Rogaine. Propecia is an oral medicine and to see some results it takes somewhere between 4 to 12 months to notice hair growth. Minoxidil is a treatment to apply on your scalp. This delays the balding process is said by users.

Scalp Surgery: This is an expensive treatment and the rate of success varies. This treatment is less popular and needs a good consultation prior to undergoing this treatment.

Wigs:  Skeptical about scalp surgery, there is this traditional solution to keep you out of distress and it is about wearing wigs. 

No one likes going bald. Hair determines our fashion sense and looks. Exercising regularly and eating healthy prevents hair loss. You can also try natural hair treatments.

Olive Oil:  This is a natural treatment for men experiencing hair loss. It strengthens the hair roots providing the required protein, cleanses scalp and its pores.

Garlic and Onions: Garlic and onions are opulent in sulphur. This is a mineral promoting hair growth naturally and is best as hair loss treatment. Rub it directly to your scalp, leave for few minutes and rinse.

A Note: It is important to initiate treatment the moment you notice hair thinning so that your hair strands are strengthened. This increases possibilities of getting your strands growing back. The follicles will also function and the hair growth is ensured.


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  2. There are 20 million women in America with excessive hair loss. Ten million of them are under the age of 40. While it's common to see and hear about men's hair loss, women's hair loss is seldom mentioned. It's almost as if society doesn't want to admit there's such a condition. The purpose of this news letter is to define the problem and its causes; as well as to explain some of the solutions that are available. Hairlossable

  3. I've found that using onions for hair growth, as you mention above, is an effective way to restore thinning hair. There is a more detailed explanation on how to use onions for hair growth on . The onion and garlic is interesting too.
    I've never tried or even heard about the olive oil method so I think I'll investigate that further as it sounds interesting.

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  7. Hi,

    I am 36, I have had good hair up till my 22, later it became thin and also got slight male pattern baldness. Uptill 33 I had lost so much that I was almost got thin hair and no much regrowth. I went to test myself for vitamin deficiency and over all health. Found that I am having vit d b deficiency.

    I have decided to regain my health and did recover from deficiency plus took up hard work and made good body. Parallely I have started using home made coconut oil along with amla curry leaves and focusing on protin rich food.

    I did get back very good hair density plus slight recovery of my bald crease. Hairfall is almost negligible plus greying is also almost stopped which had started 8yrs ago.

    I conclude that hair is as connected part of the body as any other part so we need to improve rest everything​ plus nourish each part accordingly to get them back to healthier forms. Just by using some suppliments we won't achieve anything. Till mid 20s everyone would have good health but later body needs very good care.

    Hope it helps the readers.


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  27. Though men mostly get affected by the hair loss problem, women are also vulnerable to this issue. Luckily, the hair care experts have introduced different hair loss treatments that ensure the stoppage of hair loss and the start of hair regrowth. Is Hormonal Hair Loss Reversible?

  28. Though men mostly get affected by the hair loss problem, women are also vulnerable to this issue. Luckily, the hair care experts have introduced different hair loss treatments that ensure the stoppage of hair loss and the start of hair regrowth.What Haircut Do Women Find Most Attractive?

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