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Yummy and Healthy Snacks to Try for Hair Growth

Want to munch your way to healthier and longer tresses? Yes, that could be possible! There are several healthy yet delicious snack foods you can try to help induce hair regrowth and keep your tresses looking lively. Munch on them especially if your thinning hair or hair fall issues are due to nutritional imbalances. Without further ado, here are five hair-approved snack ideas that you may quickly add to your meal plans. Also, we’ve included links to easy-peasy recipes featuring each healthy snack ingredient on the list. 1. Avocados Avocados have been one of the staple fruits for keto dieters. But did you know it benefits your tresses so well, too? Avocados contain lots of vitamin E which helps fights oxidative stress at the cellular level. The fruit also contains tocotrienol , an antioxidant belonging to the vitamin E family. Studies such as this have shown that tocotrienol aids in hair regrowth in patients with alopecia. This yummy fruit also has l

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