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Micellar Shampoos and Conditioners - Are They Good for Hair Fall?

Micellar water use has been one of the most recent skincare trends to have hit us in recent years. Micellar technology already sashayed its way through hair care as well. Many people rave about this product, claiming that micellar shampoos and conditioners have that amazing ability to deeply cleanse hair and remove gunk without drying it out.

We decided to take a look at what micellar hair products are and how it can affect tresses that are prone to hair fall. Brace yourselves for our discoveries and see what micellar shampoos and conditioners are all about!

The Micellar Technology in Skin and Hair Care Defined


Micellar technology is all about using tiny molecules, called micelles, to gently cleanse skin or hair. Micelles are molecules that have opposite ends: one is attracted to oil, and the other is attracted to water. This unique difference in molecular polarity makes the molecules highly effective in cleansing and lifting up dirt from your skin or hair. Micelles trap oil and suspend them in water, then carry them away during your rinse-off.

Micelles have the ability to grab more oils, gunk, and other impurities better than other surfactant molecules do. However, facial skin care products that use micelles are often so gentle and effective that you don’t even need to rinse them off from your face after applying it! But micellar hair products need to be rinsed out due to the lather and can indeed be washed off pretty quickly, too.

Micellar Technology in Hair Care Products

Micelles have been recently used to create new gentle lines of shampoos and conditioners.

  • Micellar shampoos are like milder versions of clarifying shampoos. Its micelles act as surfactants to gently lift away dirt and oil from hair, all without stripping your locks of its natural moisture. Such shampoos are great for daily use, especially if your tresses are constantly exposed to pollution and dirt. They are also great for color-treated hair, as they are gentle and do not strip off the colors as clarifying shampoos do.
  • Micellar conditioners are lightweight yet highly moisturizing. Such conditioners can deliver moisture deep within the hair follicles, coating the entire scalp with much-needed moisture instead of just sitting on top of the hair strands and cuticles. The result is bouncy, nourished, and hydrated strands without being weighed down.

Shampoos and conditioners that use micellar technology often contain other botanical ingredients to nourish your tresses. They also come without dyes, parabens, and sulfates, making them super-healthy for your hair.

Pros and Cons of Micellar Hair Products

Everything has two sides to it, and so do micellar hair products. We list down the pros and cons of using these trendy hair care staples:


  • Thoroughly cleanses hair without being harsh on the scalp
  • Effectively removes more dirt and grime from your tresses than your regular shampoos
  • Doesn’t strip off your hair color
  • Lets your locks and scalp absorb more nutrients from your hair care products
  • Keeps hair feeling clean, fresh, and hydrated
  • Works well on thin hair, dry hair, and coarse hair textures
  • Great for daily use


  • Doesn’t remove entirely all dirt and product build-up as a clarifying shampoo can
  • May not cleanse effectively if used on super-thick hair
  • Extremely oily hair may still need a clarifying shampoo despite micellar shampoo use

Micellar Hair Products and Hair Fall

Now you’re off wondering if micellar shampoos and conditioners are a good fit for tresses plagued with hair fall.

Currently, there is little research that looks into the benefits of micellar technology on hair fall. There is no conclusive scientific or anecdotal evidence yet that micelles can ever trigger hair regrowth to combat hair loss.

However, micellar hair products are actually wonderful for those who experience extra hair shedding, thinning hair, and hair fall. Here are three ways in which these products benefit hair fall-plagued locks:

  • The gentle nature of micellar shampoos and conditioners make hair cleansing a breeze. They can effectively cleanse and nourish your fragile, thinning strands without being too aggressive on your scalp.
  • Micellar hair products can thoroughly remove product build-up, excess sebum, and dirt from your scalp. This frees up hair follicles and makes them healthier, which eventually leads to them being able to generate healthier hair growth in the long run.
  • Micellar shampoos and conditioners can also give your hair added height and bounce. This is great for tresses that have lost its volume thanks to hair thinning. Hair isn’t weighed down unlike what you may experience with conventional shampoos and conditioners. Your strands are left refreshed, clean, and bouncy after using these micellar products.

So yes, micellar hair products are indeed beneficial for people with hair fall and hair loss!

Using Micellar Shampoos and Conditioners in your Hair Fall Care Regimen

Want to make the switch to micellar hair care products? Heed these tips for healthier, bouncier, and livelier hair despite the thinning and hair fall you experience:

  • It’s a good idea to introduce micellar hair products gently to your hair care routine. Replace your conventional shampoo and conditioner with micellar ones and use them to wash and condition your locks on alternating days first. Give yourself a week or two to get your hair used to these gentle products.
  • Pair up your new micellar hair care regimen with other healthy methods to improve hair regrowth, such as committing to healthier vegan or vegetarian diets, drinking lots of water, getting enough shut-eye and rest daily, and keeping a positive mindset.

The Wrap-Up

Micellar shampoos and conditioners are gentle yet effective hair cleansers. They have the unique ability to carry off oils, dirt, and product build-up from hair much better than conventional hair products do.

Micellar hair products are great for people with coarse, fragile, or thin hair. They work well on tresses suffering from hair fall and hair loss, too!

Fully-cleansed hair and scalp better absorb most hair fall treatments. This is why using micellar-based hair products can help you get healthier and stronger strands that can withstand hair fall and hair loss in the long run.

Have you ever tried using micellar shampoos and conditioners? Share your experiences with us! Tell us your favorite micellar hair product and how it changed your hair care regimen in the comments section below.


  1. I've seen some micellar shampoos and conditioners here in the Philippines lately, though my family and I haven't tried them out yet. Informative post by the way ☺

    1. Let us know if you've tried them out! Thanks for your support to our blog, Ludi. :D

    2. You're welcome :-D Really informative website you have in here. Keep it up :-)


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